Gotham Steel Pan Review – Is it as Good As They Say?

How does Gotham Steel Pan work?

You must be thinking how the Gotham Steel Pan can be any different than a standard nonstick pan. What makes this pan so special? There are endless titanium pans available in the market that do a good job as well, but the thing about this pan is that its body is made up of a metal which is an infusion between aluminum and titanium, making the product even more durable than the rest of its competitors.

The base of the pan is formed of a high-quality nonstick ceramic which ensures that any food that you are cooking in it does not stick to the base. You can cook almost any kind of food item in this pan including pasta, eggs, and burgers and when you take it out on a plate, it will smoothly slide off.

The pan’s material is such that you can also use it inside an oven. It can withstand a temperature of 500 degrees. The pan is great to use if you are looking to cook one-pot recipes. In this Gotham Steel Pan review, did we mention that you don’t even need to use cooking oil when making food? Well, of course, you may want to add cooking oil to give your food flavor and fry it, but if you want to make a healthy meal that does not require any use of oil, then you don’t need to worry as the Gotham Steel Pan will not let the food stick.

The steel pan has also been endorsed by one of the most famous chefs in the world, Chef Daniel Green. The pan is scratch proof, so you can easily use other metal cookware with it and you will see no starches. The pan is also quite easy to clean as there is not much stuck inside. The best part about the pan is that it is not that expensive, so we are sure that it will easily fit into your budget. The handle of the Gotham Steel Pan is made up of stainless steel, so make sure you put on your oven mitts when handling it, especially when taking it out of the oven as the handle can get pretty hot.

One thing that we would like to bring to your notice in this Gotham Steel Pan review is that the pan is not designed for induction stoves, so only purchase the product if you are planning on using it on a fire stove.

How good is Gotham Steel Pan’s non-stick ability?

Being endorsed by Chef Daniel Green, it is safe to say that the pan is one of the best to use when considering a nonstick pan. In normal pans, food usually get attached to the base of a pan as the molecules of the food item and the pan start to break down and form a bond with each other when provided with a heat source. With the nonstick ceramic coating that the Gotham Steel Pan uses, this molecular bond is not formed since under high temperatures, the molecules of the base of the frying pan do not break down. The pan can be used for years, and it will still deliver the high performance it promised. This advanced cooking technology comes with an air-smooth nonstick base, so when you are preparing food, even items such as cheese and chocolate that are likely to melt and stick to the surface of the pan will smoothly slip off when you pour it onto a plate.

If you are planning on cooking with oil, you can be assured that it will not start to burn if you keep it on the stove for a while. You can cook in that oil efficiently and the food will slip right off, including the last drop of oil. If you are looking to cook without any oil or any such products, be assured that the food will still not stick to the pan. You can quickly prepare any food item, and it will slide right off.

When you burn a piece of food, it is sure to stick to the base of the pan, but not with the Gotham Steel Pan. Even the burned items will come right off. The best part about the pan is that since it is scratch proof and you can use almost any type of metal cookware with it, the nonstick surface of the pan stays intact. No damage is done to the surface when you are washing it with a sponge of a bristled brush either. Drying it is as easy as washing it since even water easily slides off and all you have to do is wipe it or leave it to dry. All of this combined makes it certain that the pan lasts for a longer period and the base of the pan stays the same.

Our experience with the Gotham Steel Pan

We had seen the ads of the Gotham Steel Pan and honestly, we did not believe them as ads have a tendency of portraying a product better than it is, but we decided to use it anyway. All we have to say is that we were very surprised when we first used it and now use it frequently. The product works exactly the way it has been advertised, if not better. We have used our share of pans and we do love to cook, but we never were as satisfied with the other pans as we were with the Gotham Steel Pan.

Our overall experience has been pretty much amazing, and it is due to this that we happily write this Gotham Steel Pan review. The pan hangs in our kitchen as though it is a prized possession and we are sure that it is even Batman’s preference. The steel pan is not that hard to handle and has made cooking much easier and faster. Even if we forget to add some lubrication to the pan, we do not worry as it is for sure that the food will just slide off and there is nothing more that matters.

Bottom line

We have seen a lot of Gotham Steel Pan reviews, both positive and negative, though more positive ones. We have also seen countless videos of people testing the pan to its limits with all kinds of things. However, we do need to mention that if you purposefully try to damage the pan as much as possible, it will eventually wear down. However, for a person who uses it every day for cooking and does take care of it with regular cleaning, the pan is guaranteed to last for a long time. The pan is one of the best nonstick frying pans that you will find anywhere in the market.

No matter what you cook in the pan, it is bound to come off quickly. When you compare the scratchability of the pan with other pans, you will notice that other products are more prone to scratches than this one. It will not wear easily, so you can cook various one-pot dinners in it as it is a great pan to use if you are planning on putting it in the oven for cooking.

The different types of reviews online can be very confusing, so it is better to look at the demo videos or better yet, try the product yourself. We can assure you that you will be highly satisfied with the food. And if you wonder whether the non-stick ability of the pan will have any impact on the flavor of the food, then no, the flavor will be as great as you want.

Where can I purchase the Gotham Steel Pan?

The Gotham Steel Pan is available in many different stores and is also available online in stores such as eBay and Amazon. The pan is surprisingly cost efficient and will cost you around $30, though the price may vary from store to store. The process of ordering it online is not too complicated and if you order from a reliable site, the pan is sure to reach you quickly and in one piece.

Final thoughts

So does the Gotham Steel Pan work? Our answer to that is yes, it will exceed your level of expectations and will prove to be one of the best cookware you ever use.